About Me.

Hey y’all!

Can I start off by saying how so very happy I am that you are here! I don’t know how you landed on this page of mine, but I’m glad you did!

My name is Adrianne. That’s me on the right. If you read my very first post, you know I’m a stickler for proper pronunciation (just ask my best friend). That being said, before you start making Rocky movie insinuations, my name is pronounced Ay-DREE-Anne. You can call me Adrianne or Annie or A or Drinn or Mommy if you’re one of the three little humans that I brought into this world.

I am a momma of three incredible kids – Gracelynne, Emily & Zachariah. I’m a critter lover. A country girl. A coffee snob. A Jesus follower (although I often fail). A people person. A wine drinker. A Scorpio to a tee. And a lover of tattoos, America and rugged, bearded men.

Since I was a young girl, I’ve always been one to appreciate the simple things in life. That hasn’t changed. I love the smell of rain; a great cup of coffee; a good laugh; a hot shower at the end of a long day. All simple things, but all so wonderful!

My love for the simple is the motivation behind Simply the Girl. We live in a world that is so packed with volume and entertainment and chaos, that the simple things often get overlooked. I’ve talked for years about moving to Montana, away from chaos, and becoming a goat farmer. That hasn’t happened – yet. I am hopeful though. Ha!

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you may have a soft spot for the simple things too. You’re in good company! I hope this blog … this mess of thoughts and dreams and aspirations (and perhaps an occasional picture of a baby goat) will hold your interest and help you appreciate the simplicity of life, as well. I am so happy you are here! Get comfy & stay awhile. We have so much to talk about!