So, I started a blog … today. This is it. This is my blog. And somehow you stumbled upon it. Weird, right? I mean, we’re probably strangers, but you’re reading my thoughts … well, thoughts that have been conveyed into words. You’re not really “in my head” because that would be way weird. So, since you’re reading my thought-provoked words, I should probably introduce myself.

I’m Adrianne … Ay-DREE-Anne. Not Adrian like in the Rocky movies. Please refrain from “Yo, Adrian!” jokes – they’re not original. Sorry.

I have three humans that call me Mommy or some variation of that. There’s a dog in our house too. Lucy is her name and she will eat you. And then there are the cats. Nine total, I believe. Don’t judge me. Only two are in the house. In my defense, the rest are mainly community cats … we live on the cattiest street in the South, I think; but, I have taken it upon myself to name all of the outdoor cats. I will spare you of that … for now.

There is another adult in the house too … the father of the little humans. We’re married … yeah, married. It’s been 12 years of marriage now, but we’ve been together since 1999. Nineteen ninety nine! Some of y’all may not have even been born yet. That’s really weird. But yeah … so, like I said, married … that’s a topic to be discussed – later.

What else might you need to know? Oh, I know. I’m a #microblading artist. I just hash-tagged the word microblading. Do people hashtag in blogs? I just did. Maybe they don’t though. I could start a new trend! Or not.

I went to college a couple times too. That was fun.

Now you know a couple things about me. Maybe this means we’re no longer strangers? There’s plenty more for you to find out. Stick around. It’ll be fun. Promise.


Author: Adrianne

Momma x3. Coffee snob. Jesus follower. Microblading artist. Lover of wine & bearded men. American. Scorpio. Tattooed.

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